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The Best Conditioner For Fine Hair

Pantene's New In-Shower Foam Conditioner Is Your Key to Fabulous Fine Hair

Your hair type shouldn't determine whether or not you have a great hair day. If you're struggling to find the right conditioner for your fine hair (or avoiding it altogether!) then Pantene's new weightless In-Shower Foam Conditioner is for you. Fine hair actually requires more conditioning than thick hair as each hair fibre can have 50 percent less of the strength-giving core protein, keratin. As a result, fine hair is more likely to fall flat. Pantene's Air-Light In-Shower Foam Conditioner nourishes your hair without weighing it down and helps to banish greasy roots, meaning you can appreciate all of the fabulous things your bouncy fine hair can do!

This video was created by POPSUGAR Studios and paid for by Pantene.

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